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Hero by MaelynnHann

If you're like me you have a number of heroes in your life. My hero in the art world is Hayao Miyazaki. I watch the Ghibli documentary, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, many times to gain inspiration when needed. To me, he is a master creator and storyteller. His creations have a special place in my heart. There is magic and innocence to them that make his work beloved and adored by so many.

He is that shining dream I move towards as a creator. I don't mind being an egg in the art world. I actually look forward to what's ahead. If your dreams don't give you goosebumps when you think of them, if they don't scare you even a little, they aren't big enough. My dream is that one day I will become the Miyazaki in my very own life.

New Year Adventure by MaelynnHann
New Year Adventure

Happy Friday guys! Here's a preview of my newest post "New Year Adventure". Check out the entire post on my Tumblr by clicking below:

1000 Miles by MaelynnHann
1000 Miles

Cheers Thursday! Onward I go!

Check out the newest on Little Red Panda Comics by a click of the link below:…

I've been working a ton. Like, a TON. I'm doing my best to start something here with my love for comics. It took years to discover that cartoons are it for me. 

I have been playing around a lot with Tumblr today and yesterday. My art has become more crisp and clean since I began this path of webcomic-ing. I'm proud of my progression even though there's much to learn. As I become more proud of my artwork I want to share it more. But the way I was going about it was very limited to Google+ and Facebook. My art wasn't getting the exposure it deserves, especially when I am really putting more of myself in them. I have more comics coming up and really want to share it in a way more people can see them. 

In my recent twenties I wasted a lot of time on the internet, posting selfies and status updates that were very attention seeking. Now in my thirties and I am more confident and at ease with myself than ever. I feel less of a need to express unnecessary status updates. But, there is still a desire to share something special with others. To express myself creatively the way I was born to. So I am beginning again with Deviant Art and Online Social Networking in general. 

I started this journey a year ago and only now does it feel like I am really beginning to set a foundation for myself as a webcomic. All in all, I'm still an egg, in the world of webcomics.


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I love me some comics.

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